Nature and Perfections of God

Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

Is it possible to know God? Not only is it possible but it is imperative as you will learn in this lucid and compelling study. Find out that God has revealed Himself in a way that discounts the view that fuels all faulty thinking and false religions in the history of mankind. This thought-provoking series is based entirely on the Word of God and will open your eyes to His glories, focusing on God’s perfections in a way that will change your life.

These studies were done for a Grace Group class for Grace Church in 2015 and then restarted in January 2018. It is done in an informal, relaxed setting with a little audience interaction and laughter. Some of the audience comments may not be audible.

Outlines (listed under notes) and slides (listed under slideshow) are also provided.

To listen to the Nature and Perfections of God series as a podcast, copy and paste the following URL into your podcast software.

Sun, Jan 04, 2015
Duration: 42 mins 40 secs
Sun, Jan 11, 2015
Duration: 41 mins 23 secs
Sun, Jan 18, 2015
Duration: 50 mins 54 secs
Sun, Jan 14, 2018
Duration: 44 mins 17 secs
This is a study done on Jan 14, 2018 to review the 3 part Introduction done before. If you have listened to 01 thru 03, then you can skip this talk.
Sun, Jan 21, 2018
Duration: 44 mins 36 secs
Sun, Jan 28, 2018
Duration: 51 mins 30 secs
Sun, Nov 25, 2018
Duration: 47 mins 51 secs
Sun, Dec 29, 2019
Duration: 41 mins 48 secs

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